Smartphones — with their robust system processors and extensive connectivity —have become essential productivity aids and personal assistants that are always at our beck and call. We all want to do more in less time; thanks to immense power and reach of technology, we can use productivity-boosting apps to get more things done on the go and stay focused.

I have searched the web for the best mobile phone apps that can help you achieve these, and some of these tools are highlighted in the heart of today’s write-up.

Toggl (Android and iOS)

Toggle is an easy-to-setup app, which is free and designed with an intuitive interface to help you figure out the tasks or pastime that is eating up your workday. Compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, to use this app, start by defining the categories for your different kinds of work activities, such as performing tasks, helping clients, and others.

As you then move from one job to the other throughout the day, you can start and stop the right Toggl timer. Once you have garnered enough data, dig into charts, as well as reports, that indicate how your time is spent. To geta more detailed analysis, you can upgrade to the premium plan, starting from $9 to $18 monthly.

Download Toggl from Google Play for Android users

Download Toggl from the App Store for iOS users (Android and iOS)

It is normal to forget daily chores and tasks, often, as a busy person. With, you have got a reliable personal assistant within easy reach to keep your schedule on track. The free app achieves this with notes, to-do list, reminders. It also allows you to share lists with and assign work activities or tasks to others.

It offers calendar integration for enhanced task list management and lets you sync between mobile, web, tablet, and desktop; thus keeping your lists up to the minute. These are just some of the capabilities and features of this awesome app.

Download from Google Play for Android users

Download app from the App Store for iOS users

Calm (Android and iOS)

Source: The App Store

Our work environment can be hectic when you have to keep up with tight deadlines or handle a deluge of requests or orders. Calm app offers you a way out of this quagmire. Simply take a break with the meditation software and avoid brain overload.

The program offers you guided meditations as well as stress-busters with clips ranging from 3 minutes to 25 minutes long that are easy to fit into your workday. The free version contains a limited number of meditations.

To unlock over 100, you can go for a paid subscription at $13/month or $60/year (that amounts to $5 per month). The lifetime subscription will set you back by $300.

Download Calm from Google Play for Android users

Download Calm from the App Store for iOS users


Do you always find it difficult getting ideas out of your head and into a form that is visually understandable?MeisterLabs, the company that designs MindMeistermind-mapping tool, understands that it is a common problem most of us face when creating goals and objectives.

This software uses visualizations, such as flow charts, spider diagrams, or decision trees to help you connect as well as organize your thoughts. Mindmeister comes with a range of other impressive features to help boost your productivity, and it costs between $5 – $13 monthly, which is paid annually.

Download Mindmeister from Google Play for Android users

Download Mindmeister from the App Store for iOS users

These tools will help you stay focused, make completing your daily tasks easier, and increase your productivity.

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