A few years back there was a new phenomenon “born”. People started calling themselves “Foodies”. 
I thought to myself, “What the hell is a foodie?” And then…I discovered that these were individuals who were courageous enough to try new things and really enjoyed the culture of restaurants altogether. 
It was then that I found MY people. I remember trying escargot for the first time. The waiter brought out a large white tray with holes that stagnated every few inches or so. There were 6 in total. 
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You could smell the butter sauce combined with the sweet scent of what seemed to be minced garlic and a hint of thyme. 
Inside was shade of black that folded on itself. At first, I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it. You could tell it was a snail, but at the same time, the chef managed to make it look delectable. 
I picked up my fork and took a huge deep breath. I was extremely nervous because I had never done anything like this before. Was I going to hate it? Love it? Chuck it across the dining room and hit one of the elderly people sitting nearby? 
I stuck my fork in and snagged one from the yellow liquid that smelled like an Italian heaven for garlic bread. There it was…hanging in all of its glory. Es-Car-Got. Part of me wanted to get in my CAR-AND-GO. 
I put the appetizer in my mouth and immediately snatched it out! Not because it was gross, but because apparently snails don’t cool off quickly in hot butter sauce. 
My tongue seared with pain for a moment. Taking a sip of cold water, I managed to bring myself back to earth from the the western pits of tastebud hell.
As I began to eat it, I realized it wasn’t half bad. Once I got past the mental block of actually eating such a creature, I’d heartily recommend it to others as long as it is prepared well. 
Now, I love food. I love to try new things. However, what I know is that it is not truly my passion. 
Here is where most people get lost. They confuse the love of a hobby or adventure with their passion or purpose. 

How can you really tell the difference?

Below I’ve listed three very quick test you can give yourself to determine where you stand. 
Those who accomplish the most have usually found their passion or purpose in life. It’s the #1 question asked of all who are in search of significance in this world.
So, how does one find their passion…their purpose? Here are a few simple ways, test if you will, to get you started in the right direction:


Richard Branson once said, “A lot of our businesses were started out of pure frustration.” In essence, their frustration led them to solve a problem. For example, people who love music absolutely go crazy when they hear people singing out of tune. THAT’s a passion of theirs. Now, don’t confuse judgmental attitudes with frustration. There’s a huge difference there. Look for what bothers you, but also causes motivation to fix it so that they are better.

 2) Would You Do It For Free?

Most people are unwilling to work for free. In today’s society, it’s nearly impossible to do such a thing and maintain a “decent” quality of life. A good measure of how much you love something is if you would honestly work in that endeavor without payment. Could you make that your full-time job without receiving a dime? If the answer is yes, chances are you REALLY love being around whatever THAT is in your life.

3) Flip The Coin

This may seem a bit funny, but flipping a coin can ultimately tell you want you want if it is done correctly. Here is how you do it:
1) Grab any coin
2) Decide what options are going to be subjected to each side. (ie. Option A on Heads, B on Tails)
3) Flip The Coin
Now, here’s where the fun part comes in. Generally, when you flip it, your mind immediately flows to the decision you want the most as the coin floats through the air. Listen to THAT voice and it should lead you in the direction of your truest desires.
Good Luck out there! You becoming the best YOU that YOU can be is the most unselfish act in the world for those around you.
-Coach Kyle Jones


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