If knowledge was the answer, everyone would be successful at reaching their goals. The problem used to be knowledge, hence the push for higher education in the past. A college degree used to mean something. However, in a society where we have access to more information than ever before in the history of our stint on this planet, what you know really doesn’t even matter.
Yes, what you know doesn’t really matter IF you aren’t applying the knowledge you’ve obtained. Here’s a little story to help illustrate the point:
Two construction workers were at lunch together, one had a homemade meal, the other a ham sandwich.
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The worker with the ham sandwich complained to his friend, I really hate ham sandwiches. He complained every day for 2 weeks straight. Finally, his friend asked, “If you don’t like ham sandwiches, why don’t you ask your wife to make you something else?”
The complainer replied, “Wife? I’m not married. I made this myself.”
You may be calling this man a fool or possibly presenting an ever-so-subtle “side-eye” at this point. Not to worry, I would be also. Clearly the complaining worker knew how to make a sandwich to say the least. Why didn’t he make something different? It’s simple, he just didn’t apply his knowledge to the situation. He was more in love with the attention from complaining versus changing his actual situation.
Can you see yourself in this story in some areas of your life? You KNOW how to get wealthy. You KNOW how to lose the weight. YOU KNOW!!! But, what are you DOING about it?
Here are a few tips to get you going:

1) Stop learning so much and do more studying.

-That’s not a typo. In today’s society, people always want to learn more and more instead of actually taking one small topic and gaining true understanding. Don’t spend a year reading 12 books. It makes more sense to read ONE book 12 times!

2) Make a different sandwich!!

-Don’t be “Mr. Ham”. Find one habit you need to change today and replace it with something you actually find enjoyable! Most people cut bad habits without finding something to put in its place. Therein lies an issue as we tend to focus on the things we can’t have versus the things we can. Set your eyes to the latter.

3) Get yourself an accountability partner (or a Life Coach if you’re REALLY smart)

-I AM a life coach and even I have a life coach. We all need mentorship and a second set of eyes to locate potential sabotaging behaviors we have in our lives. Find someone that will give you honest feedback and help you progress. Kyle Jones is a great person to work with!(Shameless plug)
As always, remember to “Make yourself a priority!” #MYAP


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