The key to success, it is often said, is doing what you are passionate about. While this is true, successful leaders and entrepreneurs strive hard to imbibe a full range of good habits since they understand doing this will make them lead a healthier and more fulfilled life and help them achieve their life goals. A strategy they have adopted for realizing these enviable feats is by simply keeping tabs on what they are doing. And you can also emulate this good practice to turn your career, relationship, business, and other aspects of your life around, positively.

What are the reasons you need to keep tracks of your daily habits? And how can you do this to produce the expected outcome? We will discuss these issues in 2 series of articles. Today, we will be addressing the former question, while the latter will be treated next week.

4 Key Reasons to Log It All

  1. You’ll Be Able to Identify Problematic Events or Circumstances

When you have gone deep into something, sometimes you are just too close to it to note every one of the connections, which is understandable since no one is omnipotent. By jotting down the things you do and how you felt or the specific result you achieved, you will be able to find threads and identify elements throwing you off course. Once you have pinpointed what your flaws or weak spots are, now try creating a realistic action plan or devise a strategy to get rid of them in your life.

  1. You Can Easily See the Progress You Make

Even when we are moving in the right direction, it can be psychologically difficult to have the positive feeling that we are making any headway, particularly if projects have been in progress for quite some time. However, when you keep tracks of what you do, you’ve a concrete record that can serve as proof to yourself that you are really moving forward. That’s a major reason that corporations typically use metrics in the first place!

For example, I have observed that whenever I tell myself that I am going to improve how much I spend on a particular activity, like reading or writing, and note the number of minutes I engage in doing that activity daily, I usually notice some improvement.

  1. You Will Be More Motivated

According to medical science, what makes us feel motivated and happy is dopamine in anticipation of some reward. But without any goal post to run to, that anticipation may not be easy to come by. Owing to the fact that tracking habits helps you see progress, it becomes easier to set clear objectives and then grab the motivation, which comes from expectation.

  1. You Will Notice Your Accountability Increases

By writing down what you do, you will also have an opportunity to check in mentally and muse over your own behaviors. You’ve a chance to do some reflection and reconnect with the key purpose behind setting your goals each time. Also, by sharing your records with family, friends, colleagues, they could help you review what’s happening and then give you recommendations and/or encouragement.

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Next week, we will talk about ways to track your own habits. Stay motivated and happy!

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